UFC 196 Preview | McGregor vs Diaz | Silva vs Bisping Recap

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Published on 15 May 2018 / In How-to & Style

Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping Recap [3:23] <br />Bellator 149 Ratings average of 2.1 million viewers [13:53] <br />Sean Sherk wants to fight Royce Gracie in Bellator [16:45] <br />USADA Random Drug Testing Watch [17:24] <br />Holly Holm and manager open to 140 punt catch weight with Cris Cyborg [18:13] <br />Could a prime Chuck Liddell beat Jon Jones [22:12] <br />Nate Quarry comments on the lawsuit against the UFC [24:50] <br /> <br />UFC 196 Preview [27:19] <br />Rafael dos Anjos injured [27:30] <br />Conor McGregor Sweepstakes [28:16] <br />Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz press conference [31:53] <br />If Conor McGregor beats Nate Diaz at UFC 196, Will we see Conor McGregor vs Nick Diaz at UFC 200? [33:48] <br />Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz [35:16] <br />What will the PPV buys be for UFC 196? [42:13] <br />Holly Holm vs Miesha Tate [44:44] <br /> <br />#AskTheNuts <br />If you could chose one MMA related person to meet, who would it be? [49:50] <br /> <br />Who do you guys think would win in present days. A motivated Bob Sapp or Kimbo? [51:00] <br /> <br />if you could pick the walkout music for Conor & Nate, which songs would you choose? [51:36] <br /> <br />Has Conor positioned himself in such a way that he can NEVER pull out of a fight due to injury? [52:38] <br /> <br />What are the chances 1-100% that Nate pops for weed after UFC 196? [57:37] <br /> <br />Will Nate tap Conor with BJJ early (then get big rematch $$$) or will he stand, trade & obviously lose? [55:40] <br /> <br />Please recap Bisping/Silva, and give your thoughts. Bisping scored 34% more total and 31% more significant strikes in the fight, but everyone seems to get stuck on that flying knee and the visual damage on Bisping. Is Silva is just not the same fighter he used to be, or did everyone just realize he’s just a human being and stopped being afraid of him? Thoughts? [56:43] <br /> <br />Anderson Silva KO’d Bisping. I say the knee was completely legal as you have to keep fighting until the ref stops it, do you agree? And what do you think of the decision? [59:24] <br /> <br />Would you rather be Bisping’s face or DADA’s heart? [1:00:18] <br /> <br />Who are fighters that we’ve met that made me feel small? [1:00:40] <br /> <br />Would you rather go deaf in one ear or only be able to use the Internet 1 hour per week? [1:01:37] <br /> <br />Would you rather give up sex forever or the Internet? [1:02:00] <br /> <br />If the Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs would win 10 championships in a row starting in 2020, would you guys swap wives for a year? That means do everything with a swapped wife! [1:02:52] <br /> <br />KNOWLEDGE <br />Google Robots getting beat down [1:04:26] <br /> <br />http://mmanuts.com <br /> <br />Sponsored by: <br />http://DefenseSoap.com - 15% off code mmanuts <br />Hostgator http://mmanuts.com/promo-codes/hostgator-coupon/ <br />One Penny Hosting for 1st Month code MMAONECENT <br />45% Off Shared Hosting code MMA45 <br />30% off Hosting code MMA <br />http://Hayabusafight.com - 20% Off code FEBNUTS <br />http://FactoryBuysDirect.com - 10% Off 1st order code MMA <br />http://betdsi.eu - $10 free roll code MMA1 <br />http://Revgear.com - 20% off code MMANUTS <br />http://Tirebuyer.com - 7% Off $400+ code MMA7 <br />http://TicketNetwork.com - 5% Off $100+ code MMANUTS16 <br />http://Shavemob.com - $15 off $25 with code 15OFF25 <br />http://TicketNetwork.com - 5% Off $100+ code MMAPOD5 <br />http://Fanduel.com 100% deposit match code MMANUTS <br />http://Protectabed.com - 20% off code MMANUTS <br />http://REM-Fit.com - 20% off code MMANUTS <br />http://Hostpapa - 15% Off hosting code MMANUTS <br />http://Blendtec.com - Free Shipping - code MMANUTS <br />http://CavemanCoffee.com - 10% off code MMANUTS <br />http://stamps.com - $100 offer - code MMA <br />http://Namecheap.com - Discounted Domain names code MMA2016 <br />http://MediaTemple.net - 33% Off Hosting for 3 months code MMA <br />http://mmanuts.com/deals-godaddy-promo-codes/

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